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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Bowdler Electric Inc. different?

A: We return all calls promptly and offer quality service at competitive prices. Our electricians are well-trained in quality workmanship, and they also provide excellent customer service. We have a loyal customer base and appreciate their referrals and return business.

Our work is primarily in Greater Portland, Maine. We provide a wide range of services; anything from short trouble calls to complete home rewiring and commercial, including phone, cable and network lines. We do it all!

Q: Why do my kitchen outlets have no power and the circuit breaker is not tripped?

A: Try resetting your GFI receptacles throughout your home.

Q: Why are my lights flickering and I only have partial power in my home?

A: Your main breaker may have failed or you may have lost partial connection to CMP (Central Maine Power).

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